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  Pricing Summary  
  Equipment Charge Min. Charge  
  Analytical Ultracentrifuge $240/day $240  
  iTC200 $200/day $100  
  VP-ITC $100/day $50  
  CD $200/day $50  
  MALS $100/day $100  
  DLS $40/hour $40  
  MST $60/titration $60  
  The charges shown above are for UTSW users only. Outside users are assessed a higher charge, pursuant to UTSW policies. A detailed pricing schedule can be found here.  
  MBR Services  
  The personnel in the MBR are experienced practitioners of the biophysical methods offered in this core. They can design, execute, and analyze biophysical experiments with macromolecules that you supply. This approach can be useful when time to complete an experiment is short or when no lab personnel are available to undergo training. A detailed pricing schedule for these services can be accessed by clicking here.  
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